Lena Martin Photographic Collection

A collection of photographs of Edgecombe County and its people from the late 1800's and early 1900's taken by Lena Martin and donated by her family.

 These photographs are property of Edgecombe County Memorial Library.
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PA2_29_1a.jpg PA2_29_2a.jpg PA2_29_3a.jpg PA2_29_4a.jpg
PA2_3_1a.jpg PA2_3_2a.jpg PA2_3_3a.jpg PA2_3_4a.jpg
PA2_30_1a.jpg PA2_30_2a.jpg PA2_30_3a.jpg PA2_30_4a.jpg
PA2_31_1a.jpg PA2_31_2a.jpg PA2_31_3a.jpg PA2_31_4a.jpg
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