Donation Guidelines

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What should I donate to the Janie F. Allsbrook Local History Collection?


  • Photographs

  • School Yearbooks 

  • Pamphlets 

  • Maps                                     

  • Letters/Envelopes

  • Newspapers 

  • Books  

  • Scrapbooks



Why should I donate?

In a library, museum, or archives, your items will be:

  • Stored in an appropriate environment 
  • Cared for by information professionals 
  • Preserved for the future
  • Available for education and enjoyment

Privately owned, items are often eventually:

  • Thrown away 
  • Sold 
  • Damaged 
  • Destroyed

How do I donate?

Contact the Local History Librarian - click here for contact information.

All donors must sign a donor agreement form.  The library reserves the right to process, arrange, and provide access to all gifts in a manner consistent with its established policies, or to return or send to another library or museum items that do not conform to the selection policy for the Local History Collection.  The library cannot appraise gifts.

What if I want to keep my original item, but share it, too?

The library is happy to accept photocopies or scanned images of any paper items or photographs with a connection to Edgecombe County.  Copies can be made at the library, where both a photocopier and scanner are available.  Copies are made on archival quality acid-free paper for the greatest longevity possible.

Please donate...the future Edgecombe County's past is in your hands!